We believe in God the maker of all things and being in trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.We believe, the son of God, Jesus Christ, became incarnate, was begotten by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary and is true God and true man.

        C.S.I Home Church, Karungal is one of the oldest Church of South India. The Church of South India affirms that the Church is the Servant of God to carry on the mission rooted in Jesus Christ based on the Scriptures. The Church through the mission expresses solidarity with the broken communities for a new hope to face the challenges of life. The Cross continues to be the sign of hope for the witnessing Church, which strives towards Unity, Peace and Reconciliation as a vibrant Channel of God.

       The Church of South India (CSI) affirms that the purpose of the union is to fulfil the priestly prayer of Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Church ``That they all may be one, and that the world may believe that you have sent me``. And the Church of South India would become an effective instrument of God's mission so there will be greater peace, closer fellowship and fuller life in the Church and a renewed commitment for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through word and deed.